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Windows update installation take long time.

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Well I have a Windows 7 OS, and I shut down my laptop yesterday but then it automatically went in sleep mode as I slept. As I awoken it in the morning I see its at installing updates 32 of 45. Though I see the same thing in the night with no change. I also see my hard-drive light flashing like it normally does when it's doing something but is this normal and if not what can I do? Also this computer is only 3 days old, and I have not made a recovery media due to lack of media I can use to use for the back up.

asked Sep 21, 2012 by anonymous  

2 Answers

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You may restart your computer, then use the below steps and check if this helps resolve the issues-

Method 1:
You may use the windows update troubleshooter and check if it lists and resolves any issues -

Method 2:
Also I would suggest you to check in the update history if you are getting any error codes for the failed updates. If you get any errors, do provide us the same to assist you better. To check the recent updates installed on your computer.
View updates history -
a. Click Start, Settings and then control panel (all items view). Click on the Windows Update icon.
b. Click on view update history link.
c. To view the details of a single update select and right click on a listed windows update, then click on view details. Click Close when done.
You may also refer to the below link for additional assistance and check if these assist you-

Method 3:
Use the system update readiness tool –
Download the System Readiness Tool.The System Update Readiness Tool checks your computer and tries to resolve certain conditions that could interfere with the installation of updates or other software.Here is a link to download System Readiness Tool; you may do it according to the exact configuration of the computer:

After you download and then run the System Update Readiness Tool, restart your computer. Then check if you are able to install the updates properly.
Hope this helps.

answered Sep 21, 2012 by anonymous  
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Which update is it installing (has it completed yet?)

If it's installing Service Pack 1, this can take a few hours, depending on the state of your system - but any more than 3 hours would be highly unusual.

answered Sep 21, 2012 by anonymous