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Allow taskbar to span Multiple monitors

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I run Dual Monitors on a Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X. With the 45.23 driver from Nvidia. In the nView desktop manager on the Windows tab is a line "Allow taskbar to span Multiple monitors" When selected the windows taskbar span both monitors which is what I want. In all the 5x.xx drivers the line is grayed out and the windows taskbar is showed on only one monitor.

Does anyone know why the 5x.xx driver don't seemed to support the taskbar spanning monitors?

asked Oct 10, 2012 by anonymous  
Have you try delete and re-installing the drivers
I have removed and re-install latest drivers but same problem.

3 Answers

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Here's how I did it.

  1. Open the Display Properties.
  2. Click the "Settings" tab and select "Advanced."
  3. Select the tab pertinent to your system. Mine says "Quadro FX 1400."
  4. A little window pops out to the side. Click on "nView Display Settings."
  5. For "nView Display Mode," select "Horizontal Span" instead of "Dualview."
  6. Click "Apply," not "OK."
  7. Verify.
  8. Click "OK."
answered Oct 10, 2012 by anonymous  
This worked for me.
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try this.

The real multi-monitor support in Windows has task-bar only in the primary monitor that shows applications from all monitors. The extended monitors are plain without any taskbar. There is no other way to add another taskbar to the extended monitor.

answered Oct 10, 2012 by anonymous  
I will try this. I was just wondering why the spanning option worked
in one driver and not in the updated driver
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Several of us have been asking this question over
the past few months.

nVidia has been totally silent on the matter.

answered Oct 10, 2012 by anonymous  
I doubt you ever asked NVidia. Probably because they don't give you a way to do that. (Well, you could try asking your OEM who will most likely blow you off.) Mentioning it in this group does not count. I doubt that anyone from NVidia even reads these messages.
That's correct, on both counts. They refer all questions to OEMs.

However, they do offer release notes with new driver releases. It is the silence on this change in those notes, and the silence on this newsgroup about that change, that I was referring to.