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Getting a CMD window to fullscreen

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I use Ubuntu on a regular basis and I'm used to work with the terminal. Now I have to do some work in Windows and the terminal equivalent program there (CMD) opens in a rather small window.

I thought maximizing it would full the screen but it doesn't, the width remains the same. Is there any way to get that window to use all the screen?

If there isn't, does somebody know an alternative terminal program for Windows?

asked Nov 9, 2012 by anonymous  
retagged Apr 19, 2013

1 Answer

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You have to increase the width by using the "layout" options.

Right click > Properties > Layout

will change the current window

Right click > Defaults > Layout

will change all subsequent windows.

Set the Window Size values, though you may have to experiment to get the width (and height) you desire

answered Nov 9, 2012 by anonymous  
I never knew this and I have been trying the native windows drag with mouse way (and cursing) all these years.