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In windows xp, how can I set the default browser from chrome to IE via Command Line, without admin privs

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1. Need to Set the defualt browser to IE via cmd(problem)
2. Need to do a citrix login via IE(amounts to loading a url) beause it wont run in google chrome
3. then set default browser to chrome

Windows XP, no admin priv's
no admin priv's mean I can't touch registry

Basic Steps I'm Doing:
In a bat file:
1.Set default browser to IE a citrix SSO login via IE (not compatible with chrome)
3.Set default browser to Chrome
4.kill IE long and prosper

So i have it all running except "Set default browser to IE"

I can set the default browser to chome by using portable chrome's cmd line argument --make-default-browser

but I can't undo that process.

If I launch IE, it pops up that 'make ie default browser' window which stops the SSO process.

So If I can disable that check via bat file, that would also work for me.

Things i've tried that didn't work: shmgrate.exe OCInstallReinstallIE

We are using IE8

Maybe someone can find a chrome switch that undoes default browser:

thanks for the help guy's

asked Nov 9, 2012 by anonymous  
what have you tried ?
shmgrate.exe OCInstallReinstallIE- which didn't work maybe because its IE8 or I don't have priv's to change anything in internet options, but google chrome does somehow. If I can find a way to uninstall chrome as deafult using a chome swtich that might no it but can't find one

1 Answer

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you can disable the window.

internet options > programs > tell me if IE is not default browser 

which means this option is stored in the registry. im not going to discuss modifying registry data here, as it is dangerous. but you can do a quick search to find out how.

you can use reg.

answered Nov 9, 2012 by anonymous