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Problem with Chrome on Windows 8

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There are a lot of problems with Chrome (24.0.1312.14 beta || But all this happened before update also) on Windows 8. Problems and explanations are listed below:

  1. Google Chrome re-draw time: When I switch tabs, the window retains the content of the previous tab and displays that even if I move my mouse, if only refreshes (re-draws) when there is a change on the webpage (like on hover) or I do a select all (or scroll). One thing to note is that the hover and select happens on the real page and not the retained image-like thing of the older webpage.

  2. Chrome is slow and laggy: Websites such as Facebook and Twitter (and more) have gone extremely laggy on Chrome (Win 8). When I was using Windows 7, I never experienced a lag or something.
    Also when using HTML-5 Websites, the transition (the -webkit-transition in CSS) goes extremely slow at times.

  3. Plugins Crash: Plugins like Flash Player, Shockwave Player, and more that are in-built into Chrome Crashes a lot, even when doing simple tasks like playing YouTube Videos, displaying ads or something.

  4. Chrome Crashes: Chrome has crashed over 100 times in the past month. Google Chrome just crashes randomly or I don't know the reason.

  1. Random Page crashes: Chrome results chrome://crash/(Copy-Paste this in address bar) on random pages even when the page is just loaded, I understand that this can happen on heavy HTML5 or JS websites but what about HTML only websites!

Most of the things above happens on Super User also, Super User never had any problem when using Chrome on Windows 7.

Is anybody else experiencing such issues? Does anybody has a solution to any of these?

Any Help is appreciated! Thank You!

asked Nov 23, 2012 by anonymous  
have you tried to disable the hardware acceleration in Chrome? Does this fix it?

1 Answer

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I had some comparable issues and resolved them by launching Chrome, going to the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner ('Customize and control Google Chrome'), and selecting 'relaunch chrome in Windows 8 mode'. Solved the issue!
answered Mar 21, 2013 by anonymous