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Domain User Account Keeps Locking. No hints in logs

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I have account which keep locking out every few mintues in AD.

I'm using Windows 7 Enterprise X64 PC I'm using Windows 2003 STD server

These are the things i have tried.

  1. Created new profile.
  2. Removed all printers and mapped drivers.
  3. Used tool from microsoft ALtool ( I can't seem to find the log file under. c:\windows\debug).

Normally it should say in log files where the account is being lock but it doesn't say anything as you can see below.

These are the log files i have from my DC.


asked Dec 29, 2011 by hey2011 (2,070 points)  

2 Answers

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Your Kerberos failure codes explained:

0x18 - The account is locked, is outside the logon hours, or the account is disabled
0xE - KDC has no support for the encryption type
0x12 - KDC Policy rejects request

Based on the 0xE and 0x12, you would want to first verify that the system time on that machine matches the time on your DCs, that the account has no logon hour restrictions, and is not disabled.

Also, what domain/ forest function level are you set to, and do you have any 2008/ 2008 R2 DCs?
answered Dec 29, 2011 by netloop (2,520 points)  
selected Nov 6, 2012 by sarwana
I did check the PC and server local time and they do match. We have 2003 and 2008 DC R2
I just dont understand why its not say where the account hsa been locked out. it should say PC1 has locked this user account but in our DC logs it just say account locked out
Can someone please help with this
Are you still having this problem? What have you done from the PC end other than the above? Virus, malware checks? Can you remove from domain temporarily and check the behavior? I'd consider that... (Make sure you have a local admin account first.)
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I had the same issue one time with another user and I found that the pc contained malware. I removed it using Malwarebytes and didn't see the user account being locked out again.
answered Dec 29, 2011 by netloop (2,520 points)  
edited Dec 30, 2011 by sarwana