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Slow pc but enough resources left

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My computer keeps getting slower, ever since I bought it, which I think is normal. But I'm at a point where it isn't fun anymore. And it 'hangs'/'lags' a lot

My CPU rarely uses over 70% of the PC, 0-5% when idle. My RAM is at most at 75 %, but mostly at around 50%. I regularly clean and defrag my HDD, clean the register, run complete virus/spyware/malware/.. scans at a regular base. Programs I don't use any more are deleted immediately. My HDD now uses around 300GB/640GB.

My setup is:

  • AMD Phenom II x4 955.
  • 4GB G.Skill C7 1333
  • ATI HD4890 1GB
  • Gigabyte ga-ma 790
  • 640GB HDD with 16MB cache (Not sure about this one, could be 32MB)
  • Windows 7 professional 64bit

This has never been overclocked, nor have I changed any of the parts.

I have about 80 processes running. And about 80 services.

So, is there anything abnormal with this? Is there anything else I should check? Got any tips?


asked Jan 24, 2012 by anonymous  
Clean some dust off your CPU's heatsink. If they get overheated, they clock down (if you're lucky). Also, a processlist would be handy. 9/10 times there is tons of crap installed, not helping the situation. You also didn't mention if your CPU is at 70% when idle, or when doing stuff
better yet, run HijackThis ( and post your log file. That should give us a solid idea of what is going on. Also, just because you dust your case, doesn't mean the inside isn't filled with stuff. Crack it open and take a look if you can

3 Answers

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This seems like an interesting issue to troubleshoot, can you try this procedure and run it for half a minute?

Answer with a comment here and I'll look into the trace to see what's hidden thing is bogging down you PC, sometimes things can be hidden from the normal monitors or not clear at first.

Other than that 80 processes running. And about 80 services. sounds like a lot, try to get that down to a bare minimum that's really necessary for your daily tasks. I'm also on Windows 7 and tweaked it down to 30 processes (of which 44 services), so you should at least be able to get your counts down to 60 processes and 60 services which I would still consider a lot...

And really consider on killing the Razer software, it is probably monitoring all mouse input which slows it...

If you need it for gaming purposes try to run it on demand.

answered Jan 24, 2012 by anonymous  
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The best thing to do is a spring cleaning, periodically wipe your harddrive and reinstall windows to it.

Sometimes the task manager and just cpu usage doesn't give the whole picture. Open up your task manager, go to the performance tab, click resource monitor. The area I think you should be monitoring is your harddrive. Which applications use it the most, how much they are using it, your IO's, and your queue length are all important.
answered Jan 24, 2012 by anonymous  
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You need to get our Autoruns (from Sysinternals/Microsoft) and go through your start up entries and services very carefully.

For instance, is there a reason there are two versions of each of the Razer applications running on your system? Did you have two different Razer mice, different drivers with each, and failure to remove the old one before installing the other?

You should also go through your service list after studing Black Viper's run down on windows services:

Adobe, Java, and iTunes probably do not need to run on system startup either.

By carefully going through your software and services and removing those apps that are not necessary and disabling the startups of those that you use, you should be able to find a much more responsive system. Doing this with my 7 year old laptop made the system quite nimble, actually. Windows 7 Ultimate ran as fast as XP ever did when properly optimized.

answered Jan 24, 2012 by anonymous