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Windows 7 adding context menu entry

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Alright, so I've followed this tutorial. Upon getting the common problem and reading the last entry, I found that Running as Admin did fix the problem and I used the shortcut method as indicated. I have run my batch file and it works perfectly, as does the shortcut, so there's no problem there. However, when I click "Lock Drive" in the context menu I get:

"H:\ Application not found"

H:\ being the external drive I want locked. I've checked dozens of times; the entries in the registry are the same as the tutorial instructed.

In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\Shell I have "runas" with the default set to "Lock Drive". Under runas I have the default as the path to the shortcut C:\Windows\lockshortcut.bat (I tried messing with file extensions on the shortcut. changing it to .lnk.bat or .bat.lnk. It only gives me a different error, while leaving it as either only as .lnk or a .bat gives the error in question) along with a string under that named "AppliesTo" and it's value is "H:". I've also messed with that AppliesTo string. Deleting or modifying the h: to h:\ doesn't change anything.

The error has to be in the registry because as I said before the batch file and shortcut work perfectly.

Any help would be appreciated and I apologize for my long-windedness

asked Oct 23, 2014 by Denzle  

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