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Windows 8 audio driver not installed automatically issue

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I have a desktop. Once I had a problem with my sound card (Internal), so I replaced it with a new one. Then I installed ubuntu and the sound drivers installed automatically.

Now I've just installed windows 8 and all drivers are automatically installed except the audio drivers. I don't know the brand name of the sound card and I don't have a drivers CD.

Even the System's in built "Device diagnostic" doesn't work and windows 8 doesn't update the sound drivers automatically.

Are there any third party drivers which I can install in my system?

How can I determine the sound driver's brand?
asked Oct 23, 2014 by sohan patel  
Is there any label on the sound card? What does it say?
Can you post a link to a picture of the card? Someone might recognise it.
No there is not any lables. But as far as i remember in ubuntu, the automatically download driver's name was something like "yamaha sound driver"

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