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Allow Computers on Network to edit/add files to each other?

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Hi all,

If this has been asked before, I apologize. I've been looking a lot and have been unable to locate an answer.

I have 3 Windows 7 Computers in my home. Each one has a specific drive that I want to be able to be publicly edited by the other computers. I can get them to connect to each other and open files, but I cannot get them to be able to edit them or add files to the respective network drives. I would really like to be able to allow my PCs to edit other PCs files in my specified drives.

Any help would be appreciated.
asked Nov 11, 2014 by Bill Bisco  

1 Answer

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Open up the properties dialog on the drive you are sharing, Go to the sharing tab, click to open Advanced Sharing, Tick share this folder, Click to open Permissions, Tick Full Control, Click apply, Click Ok, Click Ok, Click Close.
answered Nov 11, 2014 by rustberger  
Thank you so much!