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Can the two subscribers from diffrent ISPs has same ip address?

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Suppose there are 2 different company(i.e ISP) say,

  • Reliance
  • Airtel.

These provide broadband connection. One customer from Airtel has IP Is it possible the customer from reliance has the same ip address

If yes,how? Else no,why?

asked Nov 11, 2014 by user3549768  
A highly unlikely possibility because ISPs are given ranges of addresses at their disposal and no other ISP should be given addresses within the same range as another. But, I guess, there is a tiny possibility for error... It would surprise me if they didn't have systems that ensure this didn't happen...

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NO! it never happens. Because the IP addresses are provided by DHCP. So errors cant be happen, 2 same ip's will not be given to the customers. Infact Each ISP has their own Network range. example Airtel has 55.69.x.x network range But Reliance should have their own network range ex: 180.42.x.x

So Airtel could not assign a IP address from the Reliance Network range.... hope you understand
answered Nov 11, 2014 by Anbu  
Unless they're sharing a proxy server; or, within the ISP's network, they use private network addresses, for example, in the range
Who determines the ranges? Much like root certificate authorities, is there a central body that assigns ranges?
Yes, IANA assigns ranges to RIRs (, which then assign to ISPs.
In India all private ISPs obtain network ranges from IRINN. Govt. of India