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Reliable and secure keyloggers for windows 7?

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I've recently moved back to windows from OSX and am looking for a keylogger that I can trust to sit in the background and log all of my keystrokes. Being covert isn't an issue since I just use it as a personal log of all my computer activity, but it must be capable of encrypting logs securely so that I don't have a plain text log with all of my private information.

Does such a product exist which can be trusted?
asked Dec 22, 2014 by devnill  

2 Answers

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I think this will fill the bill:

Advanced Keylogger has everything you need to track down child activity (parental control) on the Internet, check your spouse or monitor your employees. Our key logger proves to be a perfect monitoring tool with many useful features and simplicity in use.

answered Dec 22, 2014 by Everett  
It's always a good idea to provide a short extract or description of any links you provide in an answer
Thanks, I'm learning this, and appreciate you taking care of it.
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Signum soft keylogger software is the solution of the final knowledge of what is going on your business or private computer. This software is a great solution if you need to ensure that employees are doing their work instead of using Facebook, if you want to know what your children are really doing on your computer while you are away or you are Suspecting that your spouse is having an affair.Here is the introduction to use of this keylogger.

answered Dec 22, 2014 by Giselle