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Find interface for route to specific host?

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On a multihomed Linux machine, how can I find out what network interface will be used to send a packet to a specific host? I need to do this programmatically and I'd rather not parse and interpret the routing table myself.
asked Feb 5, 2015 by Rob H  

2 Answers

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Use ip route for this. For instance:

ip route show to match
answered Feb 5, 2015 by Michael Hampton♦  
Perfect! Thank you.
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Yes, as Michael Hampton suggests, use ip route. If you only want the interface, use this

ip -o route get $ip | perl -nle 'if ( /dev\s+(\S+)/ ) {print $1}'

For example:

# ip=
# iface=$( ip -o route get $ip | perl -nle 'if ( /dev\s+(\S+)/ ) {print $1}' )
# echo $iface
answered Feb 5, 2015 by mivk