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Internet Exployer keep crashing or hanging when open page or tabs?

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For some reason IE around the company is keep hanging when opening new page or opening new tabs.

It only happens to some user not all users.

We are using Window 7 Enterprise.

This been happening from last 3 weeks. They was update that time which I have removed from one of the PC but still they is no different

These are things I have tried.

 - Remove IE11 and install IE8 (it got very bad)
 - Install all updates for IE and Windows
 - Run Fixit
 - Run IE without any add-ons
 - Reset IE
asked Jul 9, 2015 by james  

1 Answer

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one of the server was turned off which still reference in some of the links on the network.

After cleaning the links all of the system start working fine now.
answered Aug 12, 2015 by james  
selected Aug 12, 2015 by sarwana