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Offline not working on any winodws System?

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We have configured the personal drive to be cache for user who are using laptops through a groups and group policy but since we upgrade our Domain level from 2003 to 2008 it doesn’t cache all of the files.

When I open my personal drive it caches all of the files and folder but it won’t do the level 2 or 3 folders items but if keep going into these folders all of the files will be caches.

I found this article

I have tried following things

  1. Run offline cache removale tool from Microsoft
  2. Delete all cache files
  3. Run GPUpdate /force
  4. Remove PC from Security group and add back in again after 24 hours
  5. Remove from domain re-added again

We had this problem about 3-4 years ago where you have to make a change in registry key but I cant seem to find any documents for that.

We are using

  1. Windows 7 Enterprise
  2. Windows 2008 R2 Std
  3. Domain Level: 2008
asked Nov 18, 2015 by th  

1 Answer

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we had similar issue with GP and the way we fix it was to not enter drive letter but enter %homedrive% within group policy.
answered Feb 16, 2016 by rt