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Networking printer queue showing offline but I can ping it from server and PC?

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I am at work with a networked Cannon IPF610 and it is showing up as offline. I went and checked the settings in the printer, IP (static) and checked my printer ports on Windows 7 machine and its pointing to correct IP. I used this printer last night, but now the printer is showing up as offline. 

I went into cmd, and ran a successful ping to the printer. I tried restarting printer but had no luck. If avoidable I don't want to restart comp. Is there any way to force Windows to check the status of the printer and get my jobs from queue to printing?

asked Apr 26, 2016 by th  

2 Answers

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Best answer
  • go to printers and devices
  • right click on printer
  • go to printer properties
  • go to Ports tab
  • with your IP highlighted select "Configure Port"
  • look at the SNMP Status Enabled checkbox
  • if checked, uncheck it
answered Apr 26, 2016 by ali  

The SNMP box was checked, I unchecked it. Thanks for the heads up. What is the purpose of this box?

it uses Simple Network Management Protocol for communicating the status of the printer to the computer. Most likely SNMP is not configured on the printer, so it will say the printer is offline. Unchecking the box will make the computer maintain the status of the printer based on the printer's queue on the computer (i.e. ready, printing, error, etc.)

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Try these step to get the printer working again.
1) attempt to print and realize it was offline
2) restart printer to no avail
3) try to restart print jobs in queue to no avail
4) restart spooler service as recommended by oldlinuxguy
5) still offline, use windows troubleshoot
6) ping printer
7) turn printer on and off
8) clear queue

answered Apr 26, 2016 by tr