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Is there a way to check the status of an SLP that is in progress?

I would like to know stuff like %completion time, GB transferred, current kb/s.

Are there some best practices/tuning tips to improve performance of optimize deduplication between remote 5230 appliance and datacenter appliance (5230) over slow WAN links?

Is there a way to calculate possible throughput?
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When a backup finishes, the duplication will not neccessarly start straight away, there are a number of paramters which will control these


but when the duplications does start you should see a job appear in the activity log of the NBU GUI with a job type duplication and the policy name bing the SLP name.

Do you not see thiese jobs?

The % completion does not seem to update very well but the kilobytes written does update through out the job.

the previous "nbstlutil list -image_incomplete -U" will tell those outstanding SLP.

Just tested it and this is what I saw
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Apart from nbstlutil to show the state of images there is little within NetBackup itself to do this

However there is an SLP backlog report built into OpsCenter now and that probably gives you as much information as you will find anywhere else

There are few tips here :

Best practices for SLP may also help :

Best practice for SLP and AIR:

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Adduming you are not using AIR then when the initial backup is completed the SLP will schedule the next copy whe it can. These are not scheduled by the PEM but the nbstserv daemon but they are never the less jons so if they are running you should see active duplication jobs in the activity monitor and you can veiw them as any other job for progress.

The check which SLP have not completed you can use the following command:

nbstlutil stlilist -image_incomplete
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