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I'm using Firefox in version 39.0. My keyboard has Media Keys and I want to use them for controlling sites like Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.

Is that possible?

firefox version

media keys

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I don't understand the problem and why it merits a bounty. The media keys work on the level of the OS (Windows etc.), so they will work with all applications and browsers. If you have a problem with your OS, please give details.

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Media Keys

Yes it is possible! For this download Media Keys from This tool adds a media key event listener to Firefox and makes it possible to use:

  • Play/Pause
  • Next
  • Previous
  • Stop

on every supported music/video site.


For some reason the media keys are only working if Firefox is the active window (occured on Windows 10). Also add-on currently does not work with Firefox 57+.

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